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We are extremely happy to have such a professional and dedicated team to take on the responsibility of overseeing Casa Guatemala.

Angelina de Galdamez : Founder

Heather Graham : President & Executive Director

Heather Graham has a degree in nonprofit management and has been a long term volunteer and part of our team since 2001.

Ing. Antonio Minondo : Vice President

Antonio comes to us with extensive board experience and as the representative of PERENCO, our largest corporate sponsor.

Dr. Axel Satuye Mena : Secretary
Elmer Ramos : Treasurer

Axel and Elmer grew up at Casa Guatemala, and now Axel is a doctor and Elmer is a law student.

Ing. Otto Zacarias : Board Member

Otto is an engineer who has long been involved with Casa Guatemala and comes to us with extensive board governance experience.

Armando Milla : Board Member

Armando has been working with Casa Guatemala for over 23 years and is charge of the maintenance, agriculture, and transportation onsite.

Lilian Duarte Cappa : Project Director

Amelia Choc Cuy : Clinic Supervisor